Wednesday, May 24, 2017

5 Great Adult & Kid Friendly Crafts For Travel

I recently took a 4 day trip with my husband, to his work meeting. I had no plans, I just wanted to relax, explore, hang out, and maybe do a few crafts in the room or at a comfy place at the resort. I couldn't believe I could not find a good blog post about fun crafts to do while traveling! I didn't want activities for kids, I wanted them for myself. Road trip Bingo didn't quite cut it.

My criteria were: lightweight, not bulky, can be completed at the resort. I think I found a few really fun options!

So here's my list:

-Perler Bead. These are perfect, since there's always an iron in the room! You just need the beads, a base, and the ironing paper.
There are some really cute patterns I have pinned!

-Air drying clay with tools, and sharpies. You can make plant pockets or beads.

-I recently bought some Chinese knotting cord in neon colors and love the way it feels when I work with it. These bracelets are just fun, with beads or without.

-For some reason, I was worried I wouldn't have enough to do (crazy!) so I also brought this book which is a paper succulent craft book I picked up at Targ. If you bring this, you also need to pick up some glue dots. I have to say, I never got around to making these, but I am still fascinated by the idea.

-I also bought a pad of watercolor paper, some watercolor paints, and oil pastels. I'm not an amazing artists, but I do love to make quick sketches of the different scenery when I'm on vacation.

I probably spent more time by the pool thank I planned on, and did less crafts that I thought I would. But I did really enjoy my relaxed crafting time in our beautiful room! And I kinda like that I didn't get to do it all, because I still have my craft bag packed, and I'll bring it with me on our next family trip in a month.

What are you go to's for travel crafts?

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