Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Rimmed Ice Cream Cones

To kick off Summer time, we thought we'd kick up some ice cream cones! Hey, we rim a margarita glass with salt, why not rim an ice cream cone too?

We love sweets, but also the salty and sweet combo, so we found a fun way to add those flavors to your ice cream cone without making your own ice cream!

You'll want to get some supplies together, set out your various toppings in bowls and use our scoops to dish out your ingredients. Don't forget ice cream spoons for anyone who prefers a bowl. need some caramel as the base. We used dulce de leche from World Market at the glue to hold our toppings on. It's thick and doesn't run, you can spread it on with a knife.

 Fun, fruity mini-marshmallows look so pretty and will make the kids happy.

Have fun creating your own cone rims! Licorice may not appeal to everyone, but it looks great and hey, I like it!

For the gourmet crowd, we crsiped some prosciutto. It's a little more delicate than bacon, and tastes great with the caramel and strawberry ice cream!

And here are the salty options. Pretzel cones are my favorite, but they're hard to find in the grocery store. Make your own! And while you're busy crushing pretzels, why not crush some potato chips too? (It takes amazing, I promise!) For the purists, we through in the original inspiration, a salted caramel rim.

Have fun!

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