Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Eat, Drink & Have S'more

With our new vintage-designed ice cream cups debuting in Wintertime, we've been playing a lot with the idea of seasonality. Sucre Shop designer Lindsay put together this dreamy hot cocoa & ice cream combo which makes me go running for s'more toppings! The idea is that the same toppings are delish on cocoa and ice cream. Brilliant! The best part? We are giving you the free printable so you can put this little shin-dig together on your own. Here's how we did it:
Download your PDFS files here: Mini-signs // Large sign // Gift tags
After gathering out toppings and some mason jars, we filled them up and used our reversible tags to address them to our friends.
(Awwww, thanks Lindsay!)
Ice cream is ready to go, topped with your favorite seasonal treats.

Don't forget the cocoa!
Save room for s'more!

Ice cream cups, scoops & ice cream spoons from Sucre Shop
Styling by Lindsay Reams and Brooke Pratt
Printable designs by Lindsay Reams
Photography by Bernalla Gooseberry Photo Love/Beth Grebe


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    1. Oh no! Will it fixed up and back running ASAP! Thanks for letting me know.

    2. Thanks for your comment, the links are fixed!

  2. This is soo fun! Saw it on Houzz - Great post! Going to have to try this soon, Thanks!