Friday, July 29, 2016

Leaving Product Reviews

As a longtime Etsy Shopper and Etsy seller, I know how important it is to leave reviews. This isn't just for Etsy, it's also for eBay, and any other website on which a review made may directly impact the seller and their future sales.

My Etsy currently has 2017 reviews, and shows 5 stars for my work (yay!) but on occasion I get a review that makes no sense to me, and I just can't let it go! 

Reviews should be made on the following criteria: 

Is the item as described in and as pictured in the listing? 

Did your item arrived during the time promised? Optional bonus: are you particularly pleased with the seller, did you have a nice conversation or something?

Reviews should not be made based on the following: buyer failed to read the listing, and the item wasn't as expected, even though it was as listed. For example, a cup which has been purchased, which was listed as "small... holds four ounces.. perfect for shots", should not be given two stars and reviewed "it's small" by the buyer.

If you're going to write "super cute!" but only leave 4 stars, well, I want to know why. And so do other buyers. 

Thanks for being thoughtful! XO

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