Monday, August 24, 2015

New Confetti Buttons!

2 weeks ago was the last week of Summer for my family, the last week before my 8 year old Nash went to 3rd grade and my 6 year old Margot went to 1st grade. I was determined to take the week off and spend time at the pool and movies and cramming everything we could into the last week! As it turned out, I had to come in mornings, but it was fun to have the kids hang out with me here. Nash played video games and Margot became slightly obsessed with my button maker, drawing pictures and turning them into buttons. She grew tired of that later in the week, and asked if she could make other things into buttons. She put stickers on paper and turned those into buttons. An then, she found some confetti which was laying around nearby her button station, and asked if that would work. I let her try it, and the result is basically artwork! Confetti Buttons is born!

Confetti buttons are available on our website for $.75 each, about the cheapest button around! They are seriously so cute! Plenty of color options available. Follow Margot on Instagram too!

I hope everyone had a great Summer with their kiddos! It's always hard when they go back to school. Now it's time for me to get back to work. And Margot now has an after-school job ;)


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