Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Fiverr & Etsy Conversation Podcast

Hi Everyone!
One of my New Year's resolutions is to post more personal things on our Sucre Shop blog. Starting now! I thought I'd write about some things I've been doing lately, and a few things I've learned. A lot of you asked me about this picture I posted on our instagram, so I'm starting here.

I just took a 5 hour road trip to Chicago to shop the One Of A Kind Craft Show, and Renegade, and after I listened to the entire Serial Podcast I started searching for other things to listen to. I was lucky enough to find the Etsy Conversations podcast, which is not hosted by Etsy, but is a discussion between the host, and mostly small business owners who sell on Etsy. It's all about Etsy, lessons, advice and stories.

As a small business owner, I talk about my business all the time. So, it was a huge relief to me to be on the other end and hear about people's experiences and receive unsolicited advice about questions I didn't ever think about asking. At this point I have listened to at least 10 episodes, and have learned at least one valuable piece of information from each one. 

One fun things I learned, from the very first episode I ever listened to, was about the website Fiverr. It is a marketplace for people to buy and sell services all for $5! There isn't much I wouldn't buy for $5 which I why I've already places several orders and love to browse their app. The above photo was made by Adie Brown, and I had it within 12 hours of ordering. 

We have an in-house graphic designer at Sucre Shop and am amazing team, but it can be fun to dabble outside of my team and see what ideas people have. So, just for kicks, I commissioned someone of Fiverr to redesign Sucre Shop's logo. She offered unlimited revisions for $5, isn't that amazing? In the end, I am not using the redesigned $5 logo, but it was fun to see what someone outside our studio would come up with, and learn from that. 

I've also commissioned a portrait of my dog. It's fun! Search it out and see what you can find. I have a feeling there's something for everyone on there.

Back to Etsy podcasts, I am going to be on the show! The interview is at the end of January, and I will be in touch about the release date. 

Happy Holidays!

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