Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Blank Slate

It's almost here, the day we get to move into our new studio space!

I first rented space for Sucre Shop just under 2 years ago. I was so scared about the overhead and the commitment that I would only sign a 6 month lease. Then when that lease was up, I signed another one. Finally, I signed for a year. I tried to be conservative with space and costs, but we now have had around 10 people (sometimes a few more, sometimes a few less) crammed into 3 rooms. We need space for our retail department, wholesale department, shipping department, graphic designers, backstock, storage, and of course a lunch room. So, we have basically been busting out of here, even with the additional storage space we started using a few months ago.

No more! Check out our new space!

looking out the front

toward the back
side area for shipping

The only closed off space... my office

 So many questions! How should we decorate? Should we have classes and parties here? Would love to hear ideas from you! If you have any, leave them here!

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