Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Home, Sweet Home!

I love this place! I am not from St. Louis, but moved here 5 years ago and call it home. I've posted before about my favorite party supply stores in St. Louis, and now I'm moving on to other things.

We've got a great community here of artists, makers and small business owners... thanks for stopping by to read about some of my favorites!

Billy Goat Chips
Before moving to St. Louis with my husband's job, we were brought here on a "meet me in St. Louis" tour of the city, complete with recruiting expensive dinners, tours, talks, etc. Little did they know, all they really had to do was give me a bag of Billy Goat Chips and I would have been sold. What do they put on those things?? I am not really a potato person, I don't love fries and I don't love chips. But I beyond-love Billy Goat Chips. Try them. That's all.

Kakao chocolate
From their website:
Fresh cream, real butter, vanilla bean seeds - no extract. The finest spices, nuts and liquers, crafted into velvety confections and hand-dipped into a special Kakao blend of chocolate.
Sounds amazing, right? It IS! They have locations in two of our favorite shopping districts in town, in Maplewood and also off Cherokee. Want to know what else they do? Chocolate tastings! I have one scheduled for 20 of my nearest and dearest in the holiday season, and I can't wait!

Indie Mats

An business based on an idea so simple and wonderful if makes you pause and wonder why you never thought of it. Indie Mats are, well, mats. Except they're so much more exciting because instead of a boring solid mat, these are beautifully designed with colors and patterns you will want in your home. You can use them inside your picture frames, or better yet, mount your photos or artwork in an Indie Mat, throw away those old frames, and stick your Indie Mat right to the wall!
These mats are made in a variety of sizes and designs, including designs by founders Emma Hand and Anne Sommers, and also a newly released set designed by 1canoe2 and Amy Butler.

Cheree Berry Paper
Collaborations include: Jonathan Adler, Kate Spade, J. Crew, Lilly Pulitzer, Darcy Miller, Dylan's Candy Bar... I mean, come on! This is an amazing list! Cheree Berry paper is just classy and beautiful.

My favorite thing on their website? The header on their party invitation says "I'm sorry, what's an evite?"


Princess Nimble Thimble Dolls
I met the creator of these dolls a few years ago through a friend and was instantly taken with her and her creations! These dolls are in the #5 spot for top sales in the "dolls" category on Etsy, and believe me, they are in high demand! She lists them, and BOOM, they're gone. Not kidding, it's crazy.

They're bendy dolls with wire cores, happy faces, and hand cut and sewn - originally designed, I might ad - clothes. My daughter has a small collection. I play with them often.


I just like to go in and pick up a 6 pack of rediculously good soda, including flavors like coffee, hip hop pop (like a Dr. Pepper), key lime soda and classics like grape, orange cream and strawberry. We love to eat in their restaurant when they're busy bottling on the line and we can watch all the action.
Favorite float? The Mocha Magic. Coffee cola with chocolate ice cream, hershey chocolate sauce and whipped cream. Happy hour at Starbucks has nothing on Fitz's.

What's yours??
If you are a local artist, crafter or small business owner, we'd love to hear about it! Please comment and let us know!

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