Monday, June 3, 2013

Blog feature: Amelia Marie

We first "met" Amelia of Amelia Designs on Instagram - we were so happy to hear her thoughts on our pictures, then to see her wonderful designs.

Amelia is a wife, Mom, and creating enthusiast, and loves to create, beautify, pretty little details, and pursue a "handmade lifestyle". Her blogs has won us over with it's gorgeous pictures (she takes them all herself!) and projects. So of course we were happy to create some custom pieces at her request for a bridal shower! She was nice enough to share her photos with us.

Stripes and polka dots in peach and pink, by special request.

Beautiful, fresh color palette and natural touches.

Land of Nod suitcases and Sucre Shop forks.
Bookmark the blog Amelia Marie Designs for some more design inspiration!

If you've used our products and blogged your event, and are interested in showcasing them here, please comment on this post with the link for us to see. Thanks!

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