Thursday, April 18, 2013

Crawfish Boil Free Printables

My first time to host a crawfish boil was a season after Katrina. We invited our friends over, had some mudbugs, and made it a fundraiser. This became an annual event which has continued into it's 8th year! We're two weeks our from our boil, and I'm excited to share with you our free printable collection! I'll be using it at my boil (photos to come later) and I hope you'll use it at yours too.
These are for our party bags, I'm going to print them onto cardstock, punch a hole in the corner and tie them around the goods.

We made these in lots of food options, and a blank one too for you to fill out your own. By the way, I love that when you fold these in half, the way of the sign has the plaid detail!

Every respectable party needs water bottle labels... or are these Tabasco bottle labels?

Enjoy, y'all! And of course if you want some matching wooden cutlery ---> you know where to get it!


  1. So totally cute! As soon as I have a backyard, I'd love to do a boil with these adorable things. So creative.

  2. I love these...but I cannot download and print because I'm not a member of Scrib'd