Friday, November 11, 2011

Wooden Utensil Gift Tags

I've decided what my neighbors will be getting for their holiday gifts - home made hot cocoa mix with Ghiradelli chocolate! I found a great recipe (I tried it, it's foodie approved)which I mixed up in just a few minutes, and scooped into half pint mason jars. But can I really be done without attaching the perfect gift tag? Nahh!

Spoons! I drilled holes into them halfway down the handle so they'll hang nicely on the jar. I did think about using larger jars, but the nice thing about using spoons here is that they are functional. You'll actually use the spoon to scoop out the mix all the way down to the bottom of the jar. So if the jar was larger, the spoon wouldn't reach to the bottom.

I love the spoon as a gift tag, the hot cocoa mix looks so festive!

I figure 5 spoonfuls of mix added to hot water will do the trick and I'll probably make up some kind of gift card to go with my gifts with instructions inside.

Right now I have three different designs on these tags - look for them soon in my Etsy store. Also, I have plain tags in there without decoration. You can write your own message on them for a more handmade personal touch!

I used this recipe for my hot cocoa mix, a la food genius Alton Brown.

I've got some plans in the works for other jar gifts. Stay tuned!

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