Monday, November 4, 2013

Thanksgivukkah Decorating

I am thrilled to participate in the Thanksgivukkah Progressive Dinner! A group of bloggers have gotten together and planned out appetizers, drinks, sides, entrees and dessert for Thanksgivukkah, and it's up to me to provide my favorite thing... decor! 

I put together 4 ideas I think you'll love! At the end of this post you'll find links to all of the other bloggers participating in this event. 


Keep reading to find DIY instructions and 3 other projects!

I put together a new DIY for Thanksgivukkah, which you could really use every year, that'll look great on your table; the jar with the dreidel on top is a pretty match-strike (you strike the match against the reactor strip under the lid!), and instead of bringing a matchbook to your table, and a pretty jar to hold your candles.

Materials List: 

Glass Jar
Large box of matches
Turkey (mine is a Schleich)
2 glass jars with silver lids
Chrome spray paint
Hot glue gun


1. Cut a section off the side of the matchbox, as big as will fit inside the lid of your jar, and using hotglue, glue it inside the lid.
2. Spray paint the dreidel and turkey. Place a big drop of hot glue in the center of your lid and place the dreidel there at an angle. Do the same with the turkey and your second lid. Hold it for 30 seconds or until dry.
3. Turn all matches the same direction so they look nice and neat in your jar.


It's not going to be easy to mash up Thanksgiving and Hanukkah, but let's do the best we can! I love the elements of Thanksgiving and just don't want to pass them by. Some wheat here, and "Happy Thanksgivukkah" utensils there and we are on our way!


If you haven't yet discovered what amazing things you can do with a linoleum cutter, it's time. It is just the best pumpkin carving tool out there! With so many pumpkins left in the pumpkin patch, I thought I'd save one for Thanksgivukkah and write a little message. I think it'll be a great centerpiece for a buffet table!


If you're straying from a traditional Thanksgiving or Hanukkah decoration, why not go with the flow and decorate with succulents? Grab a few varieies of plants, and add some touches of Thanksgiving and Hanukkah to your planter to create an earthy decoration. Use them on your dessert table, or give them as gifts to send home with your guests!

Check out those amazing planters! They are from the plumbing section at Lowe's. And the Turkey in the planter? It's a spray painted lollipop.

These terrariums were made by Jill Crane, of Simcha's Events. She is a wedding plannerand good friend, and I just love to go to her with my vague ideas and see what she comes up with! She is a true visionary in transforming a space for an event. I am so grateful to Jill for helping create a beautiful Thanksgivukkah post!

And thanks to Stef from Cupcake Project for putting this Thanksgivukkah Potluck together!

The links to the other potluck participants:

Thanksgivukkah Tzimmes (Tsimis) Pie from Parade Magazine

Potato Latkes Topped with Turkey and Cranberry Chutney from The Girl In The Little Red Kitchen

Chocolate Cranberry Cake with Gelt Glaze from What Jew Wanna Eat

Candied Sweet Potato Latkes from Everyday Maven

Butternut Squash Puree with Honey and Smoked Paprika from The Lemon Bowl

Sweet Potato Noodle Kugel from Rhubarb and Honey

Pumpkin-glazed Cronuts from MotherWouldKnow

Flamingo's Mulled Wine Cocktail - Hot & Cold from Flamingo Musings

Thanksgivukkah Decorating from Sucre Shop

Onion Bagel and Bacon Stuffing from Very Culinary

Sweet Potato Pie Doughnut Holes from Cooking for Luv

Challah Cranberry Doughnuts from Food is my Love Language

Challah Stuffing with Turkey Sausage, Leeks and Cherries from The Little Ferraro Kitchen

Pumpkin Cranberry Maple Kugel from Farm Fresh Feasts

Pumpkin Challah from

Thanksgivukah Pumpkin Tsimmes from {fork & swoon}

Turkey and Sweet Potato Latkes from FoodieTots

Homemade Manischewitz-flavored Marshmallows from Cupcake Project


  1. Adorable!! I am just staring to venture into DIY projects and these definitely look easy enough to do...great ideas!!

  2. Lots of really cute and original ideas here - I especially love your planters!

  3. Super creative ideas - especially love how easy and cheap that carved pumpkin is.